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Being on time free essay sample

One of my annoyances is individuals who aren’t on schedule for things. Exactly how much this surprises me was carried home to me twice today, and I concluded the time had come to yell about it. The principal was a gathering I should have with the chief of a neighborhood non-benefit association. The arrangement was that he would call me â€Å"before noon†, to mastermind a gathering soon after early afternoon. I was offering to assemble a few contents on their site so they could post news all the more effectively so individuals would know what’s up with this association. All things being equal, I’d get it was a proposal of around a thousand dollar gift of administrations. He at last called at 12:30, calling my wireless (after I’d given him my home number, saying that was the most ideal approach to contact me), leaving a message saying we’d need to reschedule. We will compose a custom exposition test on Being on schedule or then again any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page I left for lunch and a stroll to clear my head at 12:45, lastly got the message at 2:45 when I returned home and thought about whether possibly he’d called the mobile phone. Now, I don’t know whether I’m in any event, going to try attempting once more. Clearly my proposal of administrations isn’t worth enough for him to call me when he said he was going to, which makes me wonder why I should try assisting. The second was the leader of an organization for which we did some website architecture work. He was dazzled with our work, and inquired as to whether we should place in an offer for some future work. The issue is that the individual we needed to work with at that organization, â€Å"marketing guy†, had passed over each and every in-person meeting we’d booked during the past venture, and had been late for various calls we’d likewise planned (about a fourth of the last expense to the customer was time we spent sitting tight for showcasing fellow, as opposed to accomplishing beneficial work). I answered that we’d be keen on taking a gander at the work, insofar as showcasing fellow wasn’t included. Also, I’ll stay by that. I don’t think there’s enough cash to persuade me to work with advertising fellow once more. The third occasion (two or three days back) is an organization I’m contracting at. At this organization, there’s a consistently booked week by week meeting. It happens each week except if individuals choose there isn’t enough to discuss and we drop the gathering. One of the colleagues possesses not been on energy for the gathering that I can recollect. It bugs me enough that despite the fact that this is the customer giving the majority of my salary right now, I consider basically leaving the agreement consistently. So for what reason do I feel this firmly about being on schedule? Indeed, its majority has to do with the colloquialism â€Å"A Man’s Word is His Bond.† If you advise somebody you’re going to accomplish something, at that point you do it. On the off chance that you don’t, you’d better pull out early, and have an entirely valid justification. In any case, another piece of it is regard. At the point when plan a gathering, I’m making a promise to be there on schedule. At the point when another person is late to the gathering, I get the inclination that they figure they’ve got something more significant than my time. â€Å"Sorry I’m late, however traffic was brutal† is a reason I hear constantly. Indeed, I needed to get to the gathering through a similar traffic, and I was on-schedule. In the event that I’ve got a gathering in the first part of the day, I’ll look at the traffic reports or look the window and ensure I leave sufficiently early to get to the gathering. I regard the others at the gathering enough that I’m not going to burn through their time by being late. I recently understood this likewise applies to money related issues. I’ve had customers who never pay on schedule. They concur in an agreement to pay my solicitations net-30 and afterward checks show up predictably 45-60 days after the receipt. I won’t work with that kind of customer any longer. I’ve landed one more position that I put in an offer on yesterday, yet I’ve heard from other people that this customer routinely pays late. At the point when we meet to talk about terms, I’m going to make it clear that late installment on their part will be viewed as break of agreement. Screw it. It’s not worth my opportunity to attempt to cajole installment out of them, so in the event that they don’t pay, work is halting, and I’ll hand the assortments over to the attorney. It might cost me the activity, yet at any rate it’ll shield me from getting annoyed with the customer. What's more, I think that’s got the chance to be my drawn out methodology. On the off chance that a client’s not ready to respect their responsibilities, regardless of whether it’s appearing on schedule for a gathering, or getting a check via the post office, I’m not certain why I would need to work for them. I don’t need the cerebral pains. Presently I simply need to make sense of how to manage the present customer. Perhaps changing the gathering to the evening will be the appropriate response.

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Industrial and Personnel Psychology Essay

1. Individual true to life qualities of note are factors that depict a person. Factors, for example, age, sex, conjugal status and residency. These attributes affect the perspectives that an individual may have towards work and ward variable, for example, efficiency, truancy, and turnover and occupation fulfillment. The connection among age and employment execution is vital in light of the fact that it is accepted that activity execution diminishes as age increments. In spite of the fact that not all businesses have view of more seasoned representatives. From a positive viewpoint it is noticed that more seasoned representatives have more understanding, judgment, morals and responsibility. Furthermore, with more established workers, work turnover is decreased. In light of their more extended residency inside the association they will in general appreciate expanded wages, annuity and numerous different advantages and are in this manner less inclined to leave. With respect to non-attendance and more established representatives, the proof is anyway blended. Despite the fact that there are diminishes in avoidable non-appearance rates contrasted with more youthful workers, there is an expansion in unavoidable rates because of unexpected weakness because old enough, and longer recuperation periods. Anyway from a negative point it is noticed that more seasoned workers need adaptability, there is an abatement in their profitability because of diminished speed, readiness, quality and co-appointment and protection from change in an evolving situation. Subsequently, associations are hesitant to enlist more seasoned workers. What's more, they will in general save them first with regards to scaling back. Sex in work execution has no proof that it influences work fulfillment. Anyway there is a distinction in work plans since ladies generally incline toward low maintenance work or work adaptability because of family duties. With respect to non-attendance ladies for the most part have a higher pace of non-appearance than men as ladies generally care for the family. For instance when kids are wiped out, the moms will in general take off work so as to deal with such wiped out youngsters. Hitched representatives for the most part have a decline in non-appearance, turnover and an expansion in work fulfillment. This might be because of expanded obligations. With respect to residency, there is a positive connection among rank and occupation execution and a negative connection among residency and non-appearance. That is an expansion in residency and status will in general lead to better execution and an increment in residency to prompt decline in turnover. Individuals are organization’s generally significant and costly asset, yet they are the most troublesome component of an association to oversee. People are boundlessly extraordinary, they act contrastingly in various conditions and are, from numerous points of view, completely erratic. This implies, in contrast to machines, they are not exchangeable or ready to be effectively intended to carry out the responsibilities expected of them. As far as the association, what we are keen on is the manner by which individuals carry on grinding away that they perform viably in quest for the organisation’s objectives. The beginning stage for this is a comprehension of what causes individuals to act in the manner they do. Despite the fact that therapists don't concede to a solitary meaning of character, there is some accord that it is worried about attributes examples of conduct and methods of reasoning that decide a person’s change in accordance with the earth (Hilgard et al 1979:108). Two highlights of the above definition are imperative. In any case, the word â€Å"characteristic† recommends a level of execution in character. In the subsequent spot, â€Å"environment† proposes that character is shown in a social and physical setting. Past this accord, there is an extraordinary arrangement contradiction over the turn of events, structure and elements of character. The right understanding and utilization of the aftereffects of character measures and tests relies a lot upon the hypothesis or approach on which the instruments are based. Without this information, the depiction of character likely could be miused. Character can in this way be alluded to a unique idea portraying the development and improvement of a person’s entire mental framework. It takes a gander at the entire individual instead of at the total of the individual parts. It is the dynamic association inside the person of those psychophysical frameworks that decide their novel acclimations to their condition. An inside and out various way to deal with character focuses on recognizing and grouping those highlights that people may share. The various classes or types serve to accentuate the similitudes inside each gathering and the contrasts between the gatherings. These endeavors to order character highlights are frequently alluded to as the sort or characteristic methodology. There are various character determinants, specifically, Heredity, the Environment, or the Situation. Heredity is the way toward transmitting organic attributes from parent to posterity through qualities, the fundamental units of heredity. Heredity additionally alludes to the acquired attributes of an individual, including qualities, for example, tallness, eye shading, and blood classification. Heredity represents why posterity resemble their folks: when two canines mate, for instance, they have young doggies, not little cats. On the off chance that the guardians are the two Chihuahuas, the pups will likewise be Chihuahuas, not extraordinary Danes or Labrador retrievers. The young doggies might be somewhat taller or shorter, a little lighter or significantly heavier than their folks are. Their appearances may look somewhat changed, or they may have various abilities and dispositions. In all the significant qualities, howeverâ€the number of appendages, plan of organs, general size, hide typeâ€they will share the attributes of their folks. The standards of heredity remain constant for a doggy as well as for an infection, a roundworm, a pansy, or a human. Hereditary qualities is the investigation of how heredity functions and, specifically, of qualities. A quality is an area of a long deoxyribonucleic corrosive (DNA) particle, and it conveys data for the development of a protein or part of a protein. Through the assorted variety of proteins they code for, qualities impact or decide such attributes as eye shading, the capacity of a bacterium to eat a specific sugar, or the quantity of peas in a pod. An infection has as not many as twelve qualities. A basic roundworm has 5000 to 8000 qualities, while a corn plant has 60,000. The development of a human requires an expected 50,000 qualities. Character attributes are not totally directed by heredity be that as it may, as else they would continue as before all through life notwithstanding the encounters we have. Condition is alluded to the entirety of the outer elements influencing a life form. These components might be other living life forms (biotic elements) or nonliving factors (abiotic factors, for example, temperature, precipitation, day length, wind, and sea flows. The communications of living beings with biotic and abiotic factors structure a biological system. Indeed, even moment changes in any one factor in a biological system can impact whether a specific plant or creature species will be effective in its condition. Creatures and their condition continually associate, and both are changed by this collaboration. Like all other living animals, people have unmistakably changed their condition, however they have done so by and large on a more stupendous scale than have every other specie. A portion of these human-actuated changesâ€such as the demolition of the world’s tropical downpour woodlands to make homesteads or nibbling land for cattleâ€have prompted modified atmosphere designs. Thus, adjusted atmosphere designs have changed the manner in which creatures and plants are circulated in various biological systems. Researchers study the drawn out results of human activities on the earth, while environmentalistsâ€professionals in different fields, just as concerned citizensâ€advocate approaches to diminish the effect of human movement on the regular world. Circumstance is one of the determinants of character which impacts the impact of heredity and condition on character. Character, which is commonly steady, regularly changes in various situations. For model, we may act distinctively at a gathering with our companions instead of how we would do at a party of work associates and our supervisors. 2. Disposition alludes to an assessment or general inclination about something. Mentalities are, basically emotions towards individuals or things. How individuals feel, what they accept, what they expect to do, and whether and how they do it might all be associated, and may all be identified with the procedure of discernment. To attempt to decrease the disarray here over the utilization of words and ideas, for example, â€Å"feelings† and â€Å"beliefs†, Fishbein (19670 set forward the accompanying progressive model. Convictions What we think about individuals, things, connections and so forth â€Å"My work gives no challenge† Attitudes Affective reactions to those individuals, things, connections and so forth. â€Å"I see work just as a way to getting money† Intentions Congnitive states â€Å"I will search for my test in my relaxation time† Behavior or Action Observable occasions â€Å"I take up mountaineering† Attitudes are found out. They get from our own response to data and occasions, which show themselves as convictions and emotions about a specific subject. We learn a significant number of our mentalities when we are extremely youthful. They are molded by everyone around us and the conditions or circumstances in which we get ourselves. Some-especially sentiments are solid to such an extent that they remain with remain with us and influence us for the remainder of our lives. The scope of impacts is mind boggling, however it incorporates the accompanying: * The gatherings to which we have a place most prominently, in early life, the family, yet in addition companionship gatherings, work bunches * Education * Life encounters especially the most significant individual ones, for example, deprivation, and so forth yet in addition those encounters which we watch e. g on Tv

Business of Wesfarmers and its Operations in Australia-Free-Samples

Question: You are required to set up a business report that deconstructs an association's plan of action and recognizes the basic achievement factors that make the business reasonable. Answer: Presentation: About the business The Wesfarmers constrained can be depicted as an Australian combination which has its business in Perth in the locale of Western Australia. The organization works in the retail general store area. The organization bargains in synthetic compounds, composts, coal mining and mechanical security items. The organization has being performing great and as of late made a benefit of 65.98$ billion. The organization has as of late become the biggest organization in Australia by income assuming control over its rivals (Armstrong et al, 2015). The organization started its activities in 1914 as a helpful business which gave help toward the Western Australian ranchers. It was in the year 1940 that the organization started to bargain in wheat, fleece, domesticated animals, leafy foods fares and came to be known as Westralian Framers Limited. Close by retail food items the organization additionally bargains in Chemical, Fertilizers, Safety and other related items (Wesfarmers, 2018). At present the f irm has its activities in Australia and New Zealand. Figure 1: The business fragments of Wesfarmers (Source: Wesfarmers, 2018). The Business Canvas Model Key Partners Wesfarmers works in the retail market segment and alongside that it works in different areas moreover. The given auxiliaries and divisions of the business are given as follows : Kemart Target Coles BBC Hardware Ansett Travel Superannuation Fund Coles Property Management Comnet Fosseys Morley Shopping Center Theo's Liquor Tooronga Shopping Center Tyremaster Viking Direct and World 4 Kids. Basic food item Holdings Pty Ltd Harris Technology Howard Smith, Katies Fashions Unwaveringness Pacific Experts Home Improvement New Zealand Key Activities Estimating Advertising Obtainment Client fidelization Enhancement Breaking down purchaser request Successful Distribution framework Warehousing and Logistics Buying and selling customer merchandise (Barquet et al., 2016). Incentive Wide choice of items Wellbeing every minute of every day shopping experience Web based purchasing Advantageous internet shopping Great costs of the items Web based shopping office Expansion of business activities like Gas, vitality, clothings and others. Client Relationships Client Loyalty-wesfarmer offers great quality items to the client and subsequently they assemble steadfast associations with the clients. Internet shopping Self-administration Markdown offers Association (Sutton-Brady, Kamvounias Taylor, 2015). Long haul connections Plans and Inspiration Brand mindfulness Client Segments Mass crowd Housewifes Eatery proprietors Understudy More established individuals Secret weapons The organization is perhaps the biggest organization in the landmass of Australia It has a worker base of 2, 20,000 till 2016. The store serves a great many clients IT Infrastructure Arrangement intensity of the organization (Joyce Paquin, 2016) Channels Grocery store Corner stores Online business Through its different outlets Club card Web-based social networking One stop answer for all clients through little stores Cost Structure The significant cost structures of the given in the given plan of action are : Staff Assessments Land Publicizing Cost of merchandise (Thompson, 2014). Acquisitions Coordinations Income Streams Online deals Retail location deals Publicizing Monetary pay from protection and bank business. Key connection between squares The structure squares of the business canvas model are utilized to [portray the various angles o a business' tasks. The business canvas model principally gives data on the given five parts of the business endeavor: Client fragments Offers Channels Client Relationships Income Streams Key Activities Key Partnerships Distinct advantages Cost Structure The business canvas model is shaped all together break down the various parts of a business venture and to get the point by point data about any business. This is done so as to see, how a business is for the most part performing and the zones should be improved. It is significant for any examination that see t it that they have a very much characterized plan of action which causes the organization to perform well in all the given parts of the firm. It tends to be expressed that the various squares of the business canvas model are firmly related. The squares are commonly reliant on each other; thus any change which is made on one specific square regularly drastically affects the other square (Muhtaroglu et al., 2013). For instance, the key incentive of the association expresses all the angles which an association offers and I any progressions occur there it ought to be comprehended that the cost structure of the given organization is will undoubtedly change. On the off chance that the cost structure changes, at that point, that will affect the selling costs set of the organization and the income structure of the firm. Another case can be taken of the distinct advantages which are picked up by the firm. The secret weapons will in general hugy affect the key exercises of the firm and even an effect on the cost structure of the firm. In the event that Wesfarmer's chooses to achieve another asset for instance another market in a piece of New Zealand, at that point the a key exercises enjoyed by the firm will experience a specific change. This will at that point sway the expenses of the firm, which is the third square being influenced. Ultimately, it might likewise affect the income earned by the firm which may then reason tremendous changes in them. Figure 2: The brands under Wesfarmers (Source: The Conversation, 2018) Basic Success Factors to get practical achievement The Critical achievement factors are an administration term which is all the time used to portray that component of the business and how the business needs to decide if the association has been fruitful in its activities or not. These variables will in general hugy affect the matter of the association (Massa Tucci, 2013). In the event that a business expects to get fruitful in future or rather achieve reasonable achievement then it needs to make sure that the organization has been performing great in the these zones. The CSFs that Wesfarmers needs to get option to make manageable progress are as per the following: Understanding the conduct of the Customer The retailers need to understand that the conduct of the clients so as to take basic choices on different parts of the business venture which go from choices like what they have to offer the organization and furthermore choices like how might they fortify their associations with the purchasers. To comprehend the different parts of a customer's conduct, the organization makes different criticism structures, directs certain overviews thus that they can jump on to the correct track. In the event that the firm can do as such, they can be fruitful later on the grounds that it will do the correct things that the client want. Utilizing Multichannel Strategies The buyer needs are amazingly differed. It is regularly for any business undertaking to offer the business with a wide range of offices and choices so as to make sure that the business is very fruitful in its road (Hong Fauvel, 2013). Consequently, the business needs to utilize Multichannel Strategies and focus on the client utilizing different mediums like on the web, advantageous stores and portable application to catch the bigger portion of a client request. Wesfarmer's needs to make sure that it is obliging what the clients are paying special mind to and this should be possible utilizing procedures like the follows : Opening neighborhood comfort stores Opening corners in service stations Online roads Home conveyance Different CSFs are as per the following: Upgrading client experience By giving great quality items at helpful costs, Wesfarmers can upgrade its client experience Improving operational productivity Operational productivity assumes a key job in deciding the achievement of business later on and through this move (Cochrane, 2014). Drawback hazard and causes Drawback chance is a sort of hazard whereby the organization can endure a tremendous misfortune if the economic situation changes. The hazard can be presented by outer variables of the firm whereby the organization endures a tremendous blow. The reason for drawback chance for Wesfarmers could be as per the following: Its demerger from the Cole gathering As indicated by Kiel (2014), Wesfarmers has chosen to demerge from Cole and therefore, it could be presented to a drawback chance whereby the piece of the pie could be caught by Cole and Wesfarmers could endure an enormous misfortune. Passage of a goliath like Tesco In the event that a retail goliath like Tesco chooses to go into the business, at that point it could prompt a colossal misfortune for the Wesfarmers. This is on the grounds that Tesco has a tremendous operational encounter and for this reason, on the off chance that it chooses to go into the Australian market, at that point, it could prompt a destruction for Wesfarmers. Proposals to change the plan of action The given changes could have been suggested: Wesfarmers can limit wear its contributions All the time when an organization means to get fruitful, it will in general offer different items to the various clients however it ought not be the perfect case. Rather the organization should limit its contributions and make premium quality items. It would then be able to take advantage of the lucky breaks accessible and extend its tasks to developing markets of the South East Asian nations like Bangladesh, Nepal, India and other rising nations. In spite of the fact that these nations have a nearness of the popular nearby retail associations serving the market, anyway interior development can be focused on in the plan of action's to take into account a bigger market and to turn into a worldwide name. On the off chance that the organization

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How to Use Words of Affirmation in Your Relationship

How to Use Words of Affirmation in Your Relationship Relationships Spouses & Partners Print How to Use Words of Affirmation in Your Relationship By Sherri Gordon facebook twitter Sherri Gordon is a published author and a bullying prevention expert. Learn about our editorial policy Sherri Gordon Updated on February 07, 2020 iStockphoto More in Relationships Spouses & Partners Marital Problems LGBTQ Violence and Abuse Actions speak louder than wordsâ€"unless of course, your partners love language is words of affirmation. In this case, words are everything. Whether they are written or spoken, a person whose primary love language is words of affirmation will place a lot of importance on what you have to say to them. Your words will speak volumes to them, even when you want them to just let things slide. In fact, it is not uncommon for simple phrases like Im thankful for... and I love how you... will go a long way in communicating how much they are appreciated. Your partner will especially appreciate compliments, heartfelt thank yous, handwritten notes, and hearing what they mean to others. The goal is to let partners know how much they mean to you, how they are different from others, and how much you care. Everything You Need to Know About the Five Love Languages A Closer Look at the Words of Affirmation Love Language When it comes to Gary Chapmans five love languages, words of affirmation is the most common love language, edging out quality time and acts of service. It also is the only love language that revolves around verbal expression. To people with this as their primary love language, they feel fulfilled when other shows their appreciation for them. Whats more, these compliments and words of encouragement do not have to be said directly to the person. A simple note or hand-written letter is appreciated just as much as a personal phone call. Another interesting fact about people with words of affirmation as their primary love language, is that they tend to be the people who notice and care about the details of other peoples lives. For instance, they may be the first to notice their partners new haircut. They also remember to ask the neighbor how their sick dog is doing. They may even remember to ask the cashier at the local supermarket if she is feeling any better. Those whose primary love language is words of affirmation are often sensitive and aware of their surroundings. They are the encouragers who know just what to say to make others feel better. And, they are hoping you can do the same for them. Tips on How to Speak This Love Language A sweet note laying in the middle of the kitchen counter; a post-it placed in the middle of the mirror; or a favorite poem verse tucked into a suitcaseâ€"these examples are just a few of the many different options that speak to a person with words of affirmation as their primary love language. If your partners primary love language is words of affirmation, you will need to find ways to communicate how much they mean to you. Here are some tips on how to speak this love language to your partner. Be Authentic People who have words of affirmation as their primary love language have a nose for B.S. So be sure you are authentic when talking with them. You want to be sure what youre saying to them is coming from the heart, because if you are making stuff up, they will be able to tell. Why Sharing Feelings With Your Spouse Is Worth the Emotional Risk Be Empathetic When it comes to words of affirmation, it is crucial that partners realize that you recognize how they are feeling, especially if they are feeling down. Think about what it would be like to walk in their shoes and then demonstrate that you know how they are feeling. Show Your Appreciation Usually, people who feel fulfilled by positive words and comments will thrive when people recognize and appreciate what they do. Whether it is how they do the laundry, the meal they cooked for dinner, or the fact that they spent three hours proofing your report, the key is to tell them in no uncertain terms how much you appreciate them. And if you are specific about what you really liked, this will warm their heart and fill their tank. So, dont hold back. Say I Love You A Lot People whose primary love language is words of affirmation never get tired of hearing I love you, from the people they care about. While many people often feel like the phrase is overused, a words of affirmation person will never get tired of hearing you say it, especially when you find new and creative ways to communicate your love. 10 Loving Phrases That Can Keep You and Your Partner in Love Mail Them a Letter While email is a great way to communicate when youre in a hurry, there is something still special about receiving a love letter in the mail. So, get out a pencil and paper and start writing. Your partner will be so surprised to receive the letter from you. And depending on what you write on the inside could be the beginning of something special. If a letter seems overwhelming, buy them a cute card and write a nice note inside. Post a Note Sometimes the best, and most efficient way, to communicate how much you love your partner is to use a post-it note and leave them a little message about how much they mean to you. If you want to get really creative, you could post a number of post-it notes in the shape of a heart or another figure on the bathroom mirror or the window of their car. Give Them a Shout Out Make sure you compliment your words of affirmation partner in front of other people. Tell them what makes you proud and what you really appreciate. Dont go overboard and embarrass your partner, but telling others how awesome you think your partner is will touch their heart in so many ways. So, dont be stingy with the compliments. This is a great way to fill your partners love tank. Point Out Their Strengths This is especially important when your partner is feeling down or discouraged. Giving them a pep talk and pointing out what you really like about them or what they do well speaks volumes to them. They need to know that you see value in who they are. Dial It Up When your partner is going through a tough time, it can be helpful for you to dial up the nice words. Be extra kind and loving while reminding your partner why they are important and what they mean to you. At all times, it is helpful to offer words of encouragement. These steps show them that you are there for them even in the rough patches of their life. Make Words of Affirmation a Habit Even if you are not a words of affirmation person, it is a good idea to make words of affirmation a daily habit. Perhaps you can begin each conversation with the pet name you have your partner. For example, you could say Good morning beautiful or How are you sweet pea. These terms of endearment may sound corny, but for a words of affirmation person, they will be special. Create a List If you find sharing words of affirmation difficult or if you feel like you do not have a large enough vocabulary, listen for affirming words and keep lists of them. This exercise will help you build a bank of kind words you can send to your partner. This exercise is especially useful for people that feel like they do not have a large enough vocabulary to come with something new and creative each time. What to Avoid if This Is Your Partners Love Language Because people with this love language find words to be extremely powerful, they also are highly sensitive to negative comments and criticisms. In fact, one harsh word can send people in the words of affirmation camp reeling. For this reason, people whose primary love language is words of affirmation are often extremely wounded and hurt by gaslighting, narcissistic people, and emotional abuse. Negative words, accusations, and criticisms are like daggers to their heart. Here are some other things to avoid doing if your partners primary love language is words of affirmation: Dont assume there is a perfect quote for every one of lifes situations.Dont try to take shortcuts in expressing love to them; they can tell when youre faking it.Dont be mean or hurtful with your words; they take them to heart.Dont make fun of them or tease them too intensely; they are sensitive.Dont be overly critical or condescending; they interpret this as being dumb or stupid.Dont withhold kind words as a punishment.Dont try to manipulate them with words or hit below the belt. A Word From Verywell Being loved and appreciated in a way that you understand is important in any relationship. But, it is especially true for people with the love language words of affirmation. They need to know that you love them, appreciate them, and will be there for them no matter what. When you find creative ways to share how you feel, you will be speaking directly to their heart. What better way to communicate that love and appreciation than through words of affirmation? Are You In a Healthy Relationship?

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A comparison between Jamess “The Last of the Valerii and Mérimé’s The Venus of Ille - Literature Essay Samples

This essay examines the differences and similarities between two texts: The Venus of Ille and The Last of the Valerii. The first is a French short story written by Prosper Mà ©rimà ©e in 1835 and the second is short story written by Henry James in 1885. The essay will show that although the texts have several differences, they also share several key similarities. The Venus of Ille is tale of a bronze statue of Venus that comes to life and kills a man on his wedding night. The story was the inspiration for Henry Jamess The Last of the Valerii, where a man becomes obsessed with a marble statue of Juno. The former is primarily a supernatural story, since the Venus statue has the power to come to life. The latter is a psychological story, because the Count descends into madness and obsession without anything explicitly paranormal happening. Despite this difference, the statues in both stories are strikingly similar. This essay will demonstrate that although one story is supernatural and the other is primarily psychological, the statues are depicted similarly. Both statues are of Roman goddesses: the metal statue of The Venus of Ille is of Venus, the goddess of love, and the marble statue of The Last of the Valerii is of Juno, the goddess of women and marriage. Both statues are incredible beautiful. The narrator in the Venus of Ille says the statue has incredible [and] marvelous beauty (5), and goes onto say I never saw anything so beautiful (5). The Juno statue meanwhile is described as incomparable (10), and Martha says, She’s beautiful, she’s noble, she’s precious (20). It is the beauty of the statues that ensnares the men in both stories. The beauty of the statue of Juno takes hold of the Count and he spends much of his spare time worshipping. Meanwhile, the Venus statue is the pride of its owner, M. de Peyrechorade, who declares, â€Å"I never saw anything so beautiful† (5). Despite his wife wanting to turn it into a bell (3) and it breaking the leg of one of his workers, he keeps the statue. Both statues are depicted as having an evil quality. The beauty of the Venus statue is matched only by its maliciousness. There are as many descriptions of the statue’s malevolence as there are of its attractiveness: It is described as having an utter absence of goodness (5), something ferocious in her expression (5), ill-nature to the point of wickedness (5) and disdain, irony, [and] cruelty (5). All these descriptions are fitting because the statue genuinely is evil. The same cannot be said of the Juno statue, however, which is never explicitly shown as being sentient and therefore cannot be evil. However, Martha says, â€Å"I was afraid of her almost from the first† (18). The narrator sees the statue at night and says the effect was almost terrible (15). The statue’s effect on the Count is also insidious and sinister, causing him to commit blood sacrifices. Both statues are the cause of misery in the stories. The Venus statue kills its owner’s son, kill s crops, and injures a worker. Meanwhile, the Juno statue obsesses the Count, which frustrates his wife and the narrator. The Count completely recovers from his obsession once the statue is reburied. It is hinted that both statues are alive. While the Venus statue seems to be genuinely be alive and capable of movement, the Juno statue is only ever described as being on the verge of coming alive. The Count’s wife admits that she almost feels â€Å"as if she were alive† (20). The statue has a â€Å"beauty so expressive could hardly be inanimate† (16), â€Å"a sort of conscious pride into her stony mask† (16) and â€Å"an almost human look† (7). The narrator says her eyes â€Å"seemed to wonder back at us† (7). The statue does move once in the story, although in a dream. The Count dreams that they had found a wonderful Juno, and that she rose and came and laid her marble hand on mine (7). Mà ©rimà ©e’s Venus statue comes to life, whereas Jamess Juno statue does not. Despite this difference, the two statues share many similarities, such as their striking beauty, their realistic quality, and their ability to instill fear. They are also the antagonists in their stories. Living statues used elsewhere in popular include the Commendatore statue in the play Don Giovanni which drags the titular character to hell, and the Weeping Angels in the TV show Doctor Who. The use of statues in the James’ and Mà ©rimà ©e’s stories are subtly effective scary entities, and I believe that living statues are underused in popular culture.

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How to Pay for the Cost of a Fraternity or Sorority

Lets just be honest: Joining a fraternity or sorority can be expensive. Even if you dont live in the house, you likely have to pay dues, for social outings, and for all kinds of other things you werent expecting. So how can you manage to pay for the cost of going Greek if money is already tight? Fortunately, most fraternities and sororities understand that not every student can pay the full cost every semester. There are lots of places to look if you need a little extra financial help. Scholarships If your Greek is part of a larger regional, national, or even international organization, it may very well have scholarships available. Talk to some of the leaders in your campus chapter to see what they know or whom you should contact for more information on scholarships. Grants There may also be grants available, coming either from your larger organization or from organizations that simply want to support students who are involved in Greek life in general. Dont be afraid to do some searching online, check in with your campus financial aid office, and even ask other students if they know of good resources. Get a Job With the Organization on Campus If youre lucky, you can work within your fraternity or sorority and get an actual paycheck or things paid for indirectly (e.g., your room and board covered). Start asking around as soon as you realize you might be interested in this kind of arrangement; youll likely need to apply for positions in the spring if youd like to start working in them in the fall. Get a Job With the Larger Organization If your fraternity or sorority is very large on a regional or national scale, they likely need help keeping things running smoothly. Ask if there are positions that you can apply for—and work in—from your campus. The larger organization might need ambassadors, people who can write newsletters, or folks who are great at accounting. You never know what you might find open, so start asking around as soon as possible. Barter See if you can trade your skills for financial arrangements. Perhaps you have some mad skills at gardening. See if you can trade your labor in building, growing, and maintaining an organic garden for your sorority or fraternity in exchange for having your annual dues waived. Or if youre skilled in fixing computers, ask if you can work a few hours a week keeping everyones machines happy in exchange for a discount on your room and board costs. You got into college because youre smart and resourceful, so dont be shy about using those skills to help you create a financial arrangement that works for you and your desire to remain involved in your fraternity or sorority.